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Google Recommends Mobile User Experiences
The unfortunate thing about Google for me is that departments that talk about similar things on their blogs don't often coordinate with each other to provide a unified point of view. Such is the case with mobile. My new column in Search Engine Land will be about Google's recent Making Sites Mobile Friendly post


A New Strategy for Facebook Marketing
Face book marketing is critical to the success of many businesses. Do you have a business? If so, how well are you using Facebook to promote your business? This article is about using Facebook more effectively using picture tagging to increase brand awareness and sales.



I Hired Badiwal Infotech company for the designing some special tools to help the copywrite project work of my website

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Create Your Own Brand with Social Media

Posted by Badiwalinfotech on March 24, 2011 | No Comments

The social media is a very powerful tool to promote your brand. The main advantage of this type of promotion is the relative low cost that is incurred. Below are some of the tips that could guide you to a safe and profitable means of online branding. Branding inevitably starts with your website. Make your website in a simple but efficient manner so as to exude professionalism. Then, there is the blogging part. Blogs are highly useful in expanding the popularity of your product and company. Make sure that your blog resembles your primary website. This would authenticate the identity of the blog. Blogging is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal as it allows meaningful communication with the customers or potential customers.
Next, make sure that the social profiles that you personally have promotes your brand in some way or the other. One way you could accomplish this is- by putting the logo of your company as profile pictures in the networking sites. Make sure that your logo is not stretched or cropped oddly. Some networking sites crop the pictures if they are bigger than the available size. Disfigured logo could raise questions not only at your brands authenticity but also at the professionalism of your company. Another important thing is to make links. These links should be connected to other popular sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make sure that your brands links are placed in easily noticeable parts of these sites. Link your social profiles to your official site as it would help people realize that the social profile is related to your brand. Try to make link building an ongoing initiative. This would help your company brand to lead in case of searches.
Then again lays the challenge of uploading your content strategically. The social networks must be used with care so as to proliferate content related to your industry specific keywords. Make sure that the content you upload contains essentially the name of the product and other such basic information about the product.
Keep in touch with your customers to give them the feeling of your involvement. Participate in conversations with your customers through your blogs and social profiles. Reply to the comments that you receive. Make sure to be pleasantly cordial even if the comments are baseless and provoking as your comments would attract other would be customers. Do try to learn from constructive criticism posted and respond accordingly Social media could take your business to the next level in seconds. But do remember media is a double edged sword. So use it wisely to promote your brand value.

Effective and Easy Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website

Posted by Badiwalinfotech on March 25, 2011 | 1 Comments

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. Increase in web traffic indicates increase in the number of people viewing your web. This would in turn provide more business opportunities for you. Hence it is imperative that web traffic has to be increased. Here are some ways to help you in this venture.
Get tagged in search engines and online directories. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo are primary source of free targeted traffic. Create your website in such a manner that it is keyword targeted. Optimize your web pages to get high ranking by search engines. Get your site indexed in search engines and online directories. High ranking is very important as people generally tend to look into only the first pages of a search. Hence, being in the first page would assure you more chance of being viewed than in the next pages.
The content you upload in your webpage also plays a crucial role. High quality content which is updated regularly will make your customers come back often. Look into other sites in your field of business and see what contents they upload. Keep a tab on them so that you will be kept informed of developments and at times developments that you haven't heard of.
Pay per Click (PPC) is the fastest and easiest way to drive targeted traffic to your website at low cost. With this technique you are bound to attract interest from visitors simply minutes after posting your ad. But, full understanding of the PPC concept is needed to derive maximum benefits. Send Newsletters to customers. Even if it doesn't entice subscription to visit the website, it reminds them that it exists. There is also a chance that it will get forwarded to other people thereby increasing your chances of more web traffic. Get involved with different forums and start discussions. This would surely get your website noticed and hence more traffic. Be sure to include URL in your signature.
Run online contests. A contest always sparks interest among people. Hence, it brings more traffic as well as more publicity for your website. Advertising using banners and texts are also important. Advertisements should not just be confined to online but should also the possibilities of offline advertisements. Radio ads, ads in journals and magazines all help in generating an interest in your website. Giving out small gifts with the URL of your website is also beneficial. Advertising in social networking sites would definitely guarantee more traffic.
There are so many methods to increase web traffic these days. Using these methods cleverly could help your website popularity to soar to new heights.

SEO Articles for Better Ranking

Posted by Badiwalinfotech on March 27, 2011 | No Comments

SEO is the one of the most important aspects of any website and it is necessary to be on top of your game if you are looking to increase your page rank. The main objective in having a website would be to promote your business or some product or it could be to earn through affiliate marketing and AdSense. The search engines have robots crawling all over the World Wide Web looking for new content and its related keyword. Your page ranking depends entirely on your keyword and how you have optimized your website according to it.
Content is the major part of any website and you should have a lot of regularly optimized content according to your keyword. Most people get the whole idea wrong and end up stuffing the content with the website in the hope that they would get better page rank. This is a very wrong practice and although the content should be rich in keywords, it should not simply be stuffed and written out of context. A proper SEO article will have a good keyword density, with the main keyword in the title and all the subtitles as well.
The ALT tag and all the other tags too should have the keyword. With all these in mind, you will be able to produce good SEO articles. Updating your website regularly with new and interesting SEO articles are a must for all websites. Linking your website to other similar websites and also making sure that you have accounts in all social networks will also helps. Social bookmarking is a necessary aspect for good page rank and of course, you also need to submit your articles in all kinds of forums and networking sites to increase the popularity of your website which will in turn help your business as well as your products and services.

Earn Profit by Internet Marketing

Posted by Badiwalinfotech on March 28, 2011 | No Comments

Everyone starts a business to earn from it. Indeed, earning a meagre profit from a business venture would not leave much room or scope for further developments. There is no point of making a business if it is to not to earn good profits from it. Even though it is a recent development, online marketing is a very efficient way to generate profits. Here are some guidelines you could follow to earn profit by marketing.

One must be prepared to broaden one's mind and start to comprehend the fact that internet marketing is a field of vast opportunities. Genuinely, everyone is hunting on the internet to make purchases these days. The internet is capable of generating more income and profits than the regular world of business does. Broaden your capabilities and discover as much as possible before you decide to dive in.

One of the best ways to market your business is to benefit from other well known websites. So, register with these websites that are in your line of business and create a profile for your business. This would ensure that your product gets known to all those who visit the website. If the prices of the products you offer are good then your profile would definitely be viewed.

Hence make sure that your website looks professional and appealing at the same time as it is a reflection on your company. One other method is SEO. It is the greatest way of promoting your website. It is a course of action where you design the inner framework of your website. This makes you more likely to be positioned with well established websites. This is one of several secrets of earning profit along with internet promotion.

Focusing on a niche is very crucial throughout the internet promotion. It gives you a direction and also makes your tasks a great deal simplified. Implementing the niche marketing could very well bring you the big bucks. Recognising a niche would provide the guidance that would fulfil your fiscal goals.

You have to spend some amount of money in order to market your product offline. Hence, the money you save is your profit. In your own online business, you don't have to split the money with any company. Hence all the money you save, that otherwise would have been expenses offline is also a form of profit.

Online marketing is a vast and efficient way of marketing and making profits while you are at it. The monetary accomplishments that could be achieved through online marketing could pave your path to success.

Sell Your Products on Social Sites

Posted by Badiwalinfotech on March 29, 2011 | No Comments

Advertising can be called as the life line for any product or services in world and if it is free of cost then it is boon for that business. As the technology is opening new doors in every field, it has equally affected and changed the way advertisement is done. The social networking sites like Orkut, Twitter, Facebook and many others are very useful for this purpose. These websites are able to provide products to almost its entire users. These websites allow the companies to create their own business pages. By doing this they allow people to connect their product and to all other networks. This marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about and most successful forms of marketing. At the same time as many of marketers battle for the best marketing spots, lowest bid prices and exchange rates, smart advertisers are building forums and launching their products to ultra-cheap advertising through social media.
Due to the networking system in these websites the business page can be connected to their friends and friend of friends. Above all if someone is trying to make a base for its marketing of product then this is the best place to start. The vast network of users can be used as a readymade marketing platform. Other than all this, the advertiser is able to keep a strict track on the popularity of his product and services as the number of users visiting the business pages can be tracked down and required positive measures can be taken to increase its popularity. These websites also allows many other options which are very helpful for advertiser. This includes option like photos, links, videos and dissection. These all help in giving a whole dynamic view of the product or the services. The live dissections are able to provide advertiser with all the pros and cons about it and many people are able to give their personal view on the product which is very important by the view of consumer-product relationship. All this can be done for almost at no cost.
This system of networking allow in cutting the role of a professional advertiser from the traditional hierarchical order. The people from business can keep a direct track on the latest development on their product from consumer side. The advertiser can ask for email address form user to keep them updated with all the exclusive offers and developments in the product. With all these, it is best medium for anyone to lunch anything to a larger amount people.

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