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Google Recommends Mobile User Experiences
The unfortunate thing about Google for me is that departments that talk about similar things on their blogs don't often coordinate with each other to provide a unified point of view. Such is the case with mobile. My new column in Search Engine Land will be about Google's recent Making Sites Mobile Friendly post


A New Strategy for Facebook Marketing
Face book marketing is critical to the success of many businesses. Do you have a business? If so, how well are you using Facebook to promote your business? This article is about using Facebook more effectively using picture tagging to increase brand awareness and sales.



I Hired Badiwal Infotech company for the designing some special tools to help the copywrite project work of my website

Pardeep Sood
Website Manager


Link Building

With the advent of internet and its large impact on the present day, more and more people are turning to it market their products. One such method is Link building. There are a host of companies that provide you link building services. We at Badiwal Infotech provide you the best and the most reliable link building service in the market.

There are mainly two types of link building that we undertake: Contextual link building and Custom link building. These are indeed by far the two effective ways in link building. They get you the job done and you could choose according to your needs and demands.

In contextual link building we provide links from blog posts. We create blog posts as per your website theme having links within posts of your website URL with different anchor texts specified by you. It will indeed be the best way for people who need their website to reach onto a greater number of people.

Our dedicated and expert team is qualified to accomplish this task. Not only would this enable your site to reach larger group of people but also it would be done in a short span of time that you would be amazed at its efficiency.

Then there is the custom link building service. This is gives attention primarily to your requirements. These links are combination from sites and directories that are high in value. We avoid non-themed sites that are devalued by Google as such links have no value. We indeed take into account your every requirement even if it is miniscule in nature. As far as we are considered even the tiny things could go on to make the largest of impacts. You can have your specific requirements on your projects. You may need industry specific links like links from hosting sites, links from real estate sites, links from SEO sites etc. We guarantee to complete any type of link based on your custom requirements.

We have with us a team of people who have the natural flair for this type of work. Our experience ensures that your each and every requirements and specifications are completed to your satisfaction.

Our quality is one other factor that makes us the reliable choice to lean back on. Our ethical and legitimate method of doing this work would put your mind to ease knowing that the work would indeed be completed smoothly and entirely as you would want it.

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