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Google Recommends Mobile User Experiences
The unfortunate thing about Google for me is that departments that talk about similar things on their blogs don't often coordinate with each other to provide a unified point of view. Such is the case with mobile. My new column in Search Engine Land will be about Google's recent Making Sites Mobile Friendly post


A New Strategy for Facebook Marketing
Face book marketing is critical to the success of many businesses. Do you have a business? If so, how well are you using Facebook to promote your business? This article is about using Facebook more effectively using picture tagging to increase brand awareness and sales.



I Hired Badiwal Infotech company for the designing some special tools to help the copywrite project work of my website

Pardeep Sood
Website Manager


Offers for You Today at Badiwal Infotech

Our company, Badiwal Infotech, is dedicated to provide customers with excellent quality products at very cheap price. We try to provide our customers with regular offers and discounts. This includes providing new offer according to current market and issuing promo codes. The offers are put forward in different ways which include special messages to registered people via mobile phones, emails and direct letters, on the spot registration offers with other products and other promotional offer. People are very much interested in the promotional offers as it gives them a good way to get more while paying less.

These accompanied with offers which includes "buy one, get one free", "pay for 2 and take 4" and more. Other than all this we assure the quality of products or services which we are offering in the offers. In many cases, we offer on the spot offers or offer for the day, which can be any kind including cash prize, free service, other product or even warranty or guaranty. Most of our customers are very much interested in warranty or guaranty as these assure them a long time benefits and can be called as long term returns for the product they are buying. This kind of offer is very beneficial for them as well as company as this is a mutual benefit for both. People can be introduced to new products and services by using this offer. These new product can be any thing, from accessories to a product itself.

The customer can avail a promo code, which they can obtain either by exclusive messages or direct promotion. In that case they just have to register them self in our frequent buyer programs which will keep them up to date with the new products and services. If they do that than they automatically enters the special offer program which allows them to avail a certain percent off on every purchase they make from our outlets. For other lucky one, they can avail it too. These kinds of promotional offer help in many ways in promotion of particular product for the company. We are interested in introducing this to as many people as we can, so maximum amount of customers can have benefit from these offers.

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