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Google Recommends Mobile User Experiences
The unfortunate thing about Google for me is that departments that talk about similar things on their blogs don't often coordinate with each other to provide a unified point of view. Such is the case with mobile. My new column in Search Engine Land will be about Google's recent Making Sites Mobile Friendly post


A New Strategy for Facebook Marketing
Face book marketing is critical to the success of many businesses. Do you have a business? If so, how well are you using Facebook to promote your business? This article is about using Facebook more effectively using picture tagging to increase brand awareness and sales.



I Hired Badiwal Infotech company for the designing some special tools to help the copywrite project work of my website

Pardeep Sood
Website Manager


Video Marketing

In the present scenario where the competition is tremendous, marketing has become a head to head fight for firms. Video marketing has always been an integral part of the method of marketing from the time television has been a medium of entertainment. But producing a television commercial is a very expensive venture. Nowadays with the advent of internet, video marketing has got a new platform to attract attention.

When a company or a customer decides to do video marketing, they need to find the right people to handle this job for them. We at Badiwal Infotech will help you to end that search when you come to us providing more than just quality.

We have our own creative team which is ready to dazzle you with new and innovative ways to make your video venture a successful one. Not only do we have young bloods who have new ideas that are never before thought of but also experienced hands that lend stability and with their natural instincts would devise the most appropriate way to create your video.

We at Badiwal Infotech believe in getting to know the preferences of the customers in detail so that the video we eventually make would tick all the boxes of their checklist and make you feel that you have got just what you had in mind only better.

Having amassed a lot of experience over the years we know the best method to market your video on the internet through reliable sites and blogs. This guarantees you a peace of mind knowing that you are indeed in safe hands.

Our services are also tailor made to meet the individual needs and demands of customers. A customer is hence provided with the liberty to choose from many of our packages. You will find that these packages would indeed satisfy your needs. We strive to utilize the maximum resources available in order to make your video a resounding business success. You can also contact us in case you have custom quotes to add in the video.

We respect our customers and provide quality service to them as a company. Owing to our sound knowledge of the present day scenario in the marketing field, we guarantee you the best possible video marketing service you could get. We are well known for our ethical and legitimate approach in this industry. Being experienced, reliable, innovative and a knock of knowing where to market your video to garner attention of the right people made us the preferred choice for all our customers. With a great deal of time and effort we will carve you a place in the internet with the video that will improve your business to a great deal.

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