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Google Recommends Mobile User Experiences
The unfortunate thing about Google for me is that departments that talk about similar things on their blogs don't often coordinate with each other to provide a unified point of view. Such is the case with mobile. My new column in Search Engine Land will be about Google's recent Making Sites Mobile Friendly post


A New Strategy for Facebook Marketing
Face book marketing is critical to the success of many businesses. Do you have a business? If so, how well are you using Facebook to promote your business? This article is about using Facebook more effectively using picture tagging to increase brand awareness and sales.



I Hired Badiwal Infotech company for the designing some special tools to help the copywrite project work of my website

Pardeep Sood
Website Manager


Web listing

The internet has grown at an exploding rate in the last decade. In today's world, the number of webpage has exceeded the existing population by great number. The internet is full of all kind of information which is just a click away from the user. Due to all this a lot of excess and unwanted data is available which is not needed for any purpose. Due to this a big problem of searching the required information arises from the enormous data present on the internet. As an internet solution based company, we at Badiwal Infotech understand the trouble which can arise from all this mismanagement. To solve this problem web directory or link directory are present which uses the same concept of normal directory to list website on them. Most of the directory uses two approaches for web listing which are as the random and the categorized.

The random web listing is an essential part of web listing process and can be easily surfed by using key words. In this type, the websites which are not related to any particular subject or theme are categorized. It is very and effective for the search option which includes keywords or a group of words without knowing actual address of website.

The other type is the distribution of websites on the basis of categories and sub categories. It forms a kind of hierarchy order in the search and looks in all the relevant categories for the given information or website in directory. It is more simplified and easy to maintain as compare to the other type of web listing. Other then all that, it is more organized and easy to work with.

The web listing is a very impotent method to catch the eye of user on internet. This service is provided by many companies for free of cost. If the company is looking for a target or set of customers then it can be avail at a nominal price. The web listing is now a day's come with the map and location angles also. This helps our users to get more information regarding their search. List you business and products on Google Map and Local market.


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